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Happy Barber

Thank you for your interest in AfriCap! Our experts have taken time to shortlist 250+ financiers that can fund Kenyan startups and established businesses!

Our financiers include grant providers, angel investors, venture capitalist funds and other business financiers.

To find out more about these financiers we would love for you to become an AfriCap member!

What does it mean to be an AfriCap member?


 You will get INSTANT ACCESS to a database of financiers who are able to fund your business. You will also gain information on what their requirements are: such as sectors they fund, what stage your business needs to be in and how much they are willing to fund you on the first round. 


We will IMMEDIATELY show you how to approach financiers, how to pitch and  position your business to get a financier! Because we understand our database of  financiers well, we will give you tips on  how to sell your business story and what information is critical for the financier to make an informed decision about your business!


For select businesses, we will CONNECT you directly to financiers who are looking for businesses like yours to finance! Our database contains financiers that are willing to fund ALL types of businesses. From startup ideas to operational businesses; however we also have financiers looking for businesses in specific sectors.

Click the link below to access these benefits and more.
It will cost you exactly KSh 0 to become an AfriCap member!

AfriCap exists to link you to a financial partner who will help you grow.
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." — Helen Keller.

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